Experience Re-Growth Of Hair With Microneedling Treatment Liverpool

Microneedling Treatment Liverpool

Basically microneedling is a kind of cosmetic treatment which can address a lot of hair related issues. This technique is also termed as skin needling because it increases the production of collagen in the skin. This treatment is applied mainly using a skin roller which contains small needles.

If you have hereditary hair loss and genetic hair related problems, microneedling treatment Liverpool can surely address this issue. With this technique, the hair follicles regenerate hair growth within a very short period of time. This results in new hair growth and thickens hair.

  • Benefits of microneedling treatment Liverpool

In the early 1990s, microneedling has gained a reputation as a scar treatment. Since then, this technique has been considered as the most potent method for hair loss treatment and hereditary hair loss. It not only enhances collagen production in the skin, but it also helps to induce stem cells in the scalp, which ultimately leads to hair growth.

Microneedling also promotes the absorption of some quality hair growth products. Now you must how does it work. Well, asking this question is quite common if you are thinking of availing this treatment. So here are the details.

During the process of microneedling, the doctor uses several small needles which sizes vary from 0.25 to 3 millimetres long. They are all connected to a handheld device which is termed as a roller. With this roller, small injuries are created in the scalp. Unlike those treatments that target the skin’s surface, the needles are used in the middle layer of the skin.

As these micro injuries start healing, your skin starts producing more fibers and collagen. This also strengthens hair follicles. The doctor applies topical anesthetic to the scalp 45 minutes before applying the treatment. By applying this, you won’t feel much pain while the treatment goes on.

The actual time of applying this treatment may vary depending on the treatment area. Once the microneedling is completed in the scalp, the doctor applies a soothing serum or balm to the area for reducing discomfort and inflammation.

  • What are the side-effects related micro needling hair loss treatment?

This treatment indeed shows great results, but it is associated with some side-effects. Microneedling may cause bruises, skin irritation and oozing from the wounds. In fact, the micro wounds created because of applying this treatment can also create a big risk. The area may get inflamed and red for a few days for taking this treatment. You must speak with your doctor before opting for this treatment if you have these symptoms –

  1. Have a history of eczema, acne and open wounds
  2. Have diabetes that slows down the healing process
  3. Have blood thinners or taking other types of medicines.

This microneedling treatment is not recommended for those who are pregnant. After applying this treatment, your scalp may get more sensitive to the sun. Applying sunscreen is a must. One should not forget to apply this. Wearing a hat can also protect your scalp when you are outdoors. In order to reduce the risk of these side-effects, one must follow aftercare instructions carefully.

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