Know What Options Are There For Breast Surgery

People may face a lot of issues with regards to the overdevelopment or underdevelopment of breasts and may need total reconstruction of breasts also.  The science of breast treatments has advanced to a large extent, and it is now easy to find good doctors for correcting breast deficiencies. There are different types of breast surgery, and the main types are categorized as breast augmentation, reduction, reconstruction, and lifts.

Breast augmentation: It is performed to enhance the appearance, contour, and size of the breast of a woman. Some women can feel awkward with the small size of the breast, which is not proportionate with their body contour. There can be some other women who opt for breast augmentation after the loss of volume due to lactation after pregnancy. There can be other asymmetries in breast that can be corrected with the breast augmentation procedure.

Breast augmentations are done with implants that are placed over or under the chest muscles and can be performed with an endoscope. A breast implant consists of a silicone shell that is filled with a silicone gel or can be saline.  The procedure is straightforward, and like any other surgery can have mild complexions, and with a good doctor, the operation can be perfect.

Breast reduction: Large, pendulous, dense breasts can be uncomfortable, and the increased weight of the chest can cause skin irritation, neck pain, numbness, bra strap indentations, etc. The breast reduction procedure is also known as reduction mammaplasty, and in this procedure, excess fat, skin, and glandular tissue is removed. The breast appearance, contour, and volume are reduced with the breast reduction procedure, and the function, as well as breast sensations, is preserved. Generally, after the breast surgery for breast reduction, women report massive improvement in the symptoms and can start leaving a healthy life.

 Breast reconstruction: Breast reconstruction is done to recreate the breast to make the desired appearance, volume, and contour. With implants, the appearance, and the contour of the breast of a woman is recreated with the own tissue of the woman. Sometimes segments from the lower abdominal walls are used in breast implants, and the other options are the use of a back muscle or a segment of the buttock.

Breast lifts: Sometimes, the weight of the breast is difficult to maintain by the delicate structure of the skin of a woman, and this can make the breasts sag. It is a typical condition and is known as posies, and here too much skin is there compared to the breast tissue. During a breast lift procedure that is also known as mastopexy, the specialist removes the excess skin to have a successful surgery.

Apart from the surgeries mentioned above, there are breast cancer surgeries that are intended to remove tumors of the breast. In such type of surgery, few lymph nodes in the underarm area or axillary nodes are sometimes removed to check the possibility of the presence of cancer cells. All these types of surgeries are very advanced, and the latest technologies are used to perform such operations.