Can CBD Oil Make You Fail Drug Test?

CBD – Cannabidiol has gained quite some attention as a magic product dealing with a wide array of problems and health enhancements. Still, an issue that bugs almost any user of CBD is not passing a drug test while administering CBD. Why is that? A drug test scans for any traces of the drug in the entire body. In cases of CBD users, what results in a positive screening report is the presence of THC.

THC is the psychoactive component of Marijuana. While many think that CBD is THC-free, well, it is not always the case. The presence of THC in CBD entirely depends upon the source of Cannabis. As such, quite a few products are found to contain a noticeable amount of THC.

Cannabis Explained

So what is Cannabis exactly? You might have heard of the cannabis genus back in the high school biology lessons. Under this genus, two varieties exist, namely, Hemp and Marijuana. Cannabis plants may refer to both of these plants, but some differentiating factors do exist.

CBD is one of the many active chemical compounds of the cannabis plant. And the prime reason for its recent popularity would be the belief that it lacks THC, which causes the feeling of ‘getting high.’

As such, the main difference between Marijuana and hemp is the absence of THC. More specifically, for a Cannabis strain to qualify as hemp, it must have less than 0.3% THC presence. This is the very reason hemp can legally be sold through various products.

You may also notice terms such as ‘full spectrum’ of ‘isolate’ while shopping for Hempworx THC free. An isolate product refers to a pure compound without any other active compounds usually found in Cannabis. A full spectrum, however, means that the product consists of additional active compounds such as CBN.

Potential reasons for failing a drug test

With the basic stuff out of the way, let’s look particularly into why you may fail a drug test while consuming CBD oil.

1- The presence of THC in the product.

It is evident; the drug tests only scan for the presence of THC among users of CBD oil. You may be purchasing a cheap and low-quality product which, despite claiming THC-free, leaves sufficient traces for it to get detected. Thus, always look for branded and high-quality products such as Hempworx THC free.

2- Mislabelled Products

Yes, products can often be mislabelled, and sometimes intentionally! Sellers may try to sell Marijuana-derived CBD instead of hemp oil to save cost and time. Any marijuana-derived products are bound to have CBD, making you fail the drug test. Look for Hempworx THC free products, as they reach store shelves only after multiple quality checks and inspections.

3- Exposure to Second hand THC

Exposure to second hand smoke can still, to some extent, make you get a positive drug test report. Generally, it would be unlikely for a person to be affected so much as to get a positive drug report, but it is possible.