Employment Law Solicitors And Their Functions

  • What is employment law?

The area of law that revolves around the rights, obligations, and responsibilities within an employer-employee relationship, regarding aspects like wages, discrimination, workplace safety, and unethical termination, is known as employment law. Employment Law Solicitors Birmingham specialize in representing employees/employers during lawsuits.

Generally, Employment Law Solicitors Birmingham working under employees assist them in filing lawsuits against their employers or negotiating settlements as compensation for any grievances they might have faced.

There are a few purposes of employment law listed below:

  1. Enforcing health and safety in the workplace.
  2. Preventing any sort of discrimination.
  3. Preventing disruption of work resulting from disputes between employer and employee.
  4. Making sure both employees and employers stick to the terms of the contract they signed during hiring.

There are specific rules that employers have to follow when abiding by Employment Laws. Some of them are:

  1. Allowing a certain level of privacy to the employees.
  2. Maintaining a safe work environment.
  3. Paying fair wages.
  4. Making sure no discrimination of any kind takes place in the workplace.

Not following these rules may make the employer and his/her company vulnerable to legal complaints or lawsuits.

Employment laws provide protection against several kinds of discrimination and exploitation:

  1. Age Discrimination:

Employers are not legally allowed to use the factor of age into deciding whether to hire someone or not. A lawsuit can be filed against someone who denies hiring a person just because they might be near retirement. Neither are they allowed to pay older employees less than younger ones for the same job.

  1. Disability Discrimination:

Laws are in place to protect people who have disabilities during hiring processes, provided they have sufficient qualification for the job. No employer can legally use someone’s disability as an excuse for not hiring them.

  1. Gender Pay Discrimination:

No employer is allowed to pay men and women differently for the same exact job. Gender/Sex does not play a role in work. The government does not tolerate bias for a certain gender, which affects the conduct of a workplace.

  1. Immigration:

 Employers are not legally allowed to hire people who are illegal immigrants/aliens. The proper residential proof is required before they can be professionally hired.

  1. Racial Discrimination:

Employers cannot discriminate against people just based on their racial identity. Any such practices are condemned and can be legally challenged if found.

  1. Privacy:

Although the employers have the right to keep an eye on his/her employees in the workplace, they do not have the right to make their personal information public.

Employment Law Solicitors Birmingham are available to fight for people who claim to have suffered from any sort of discrimination or other grievances caused by employers, or in some cases, employees. They assist people who don’t know their way around the law to fight cases and get justice or appropriate compensation. A lot of paperwork, evidence, and work goes into a proper presentation of the case in the court. All this is handled by Employment Law Solicitors Birmingham.

Reasons Why There Is a Need For Employment Law Solicitors For Employers

As a matter of fact, legal issues with employees can occur in any firm. Handling such an issue can be a complex task. Understanding employment law is a bit complicated task, and it is hard to understand what to do next. Here, you’ll need a specialist attorney or a solicitor by your side to help you out. So, you must hire an employment law solicitor and make the process smooth.

If you think that any of your employees have done something wrong or claimed fault compensation on you, it is important to complain about it at the earliest time. If you don’t have experience of dealing with such an issue before, it is ideal to hirea legal advisor. You can also try to solve the problem directly with your employee. In case the problem can’t be sorted, and you don’t reach any conclusion, you should complain about the same.

  • What Can a Solicitor Do?
  1. With having an advisor by your side, you’ll have a clear conception about what you are doing and what needs to be done.
  2. A good solicitor will not only investigate with you but will protect you from lawsuits.
  3. The professional will help you in preparing your case file and can also represent you at the employment tribunal if you want him to do so.
  4. Employment law solicitors for employershave in-depth knowledge about the aspects of the case and know how to compel the case that will have the highest possibility of you winning the case.
  • Choosing a Good Solicitor
  1. Not all employment law solicitors for employers are good enough. Different solicitors focus on different fields of law. You need to look for the one who is good at handling cases related to employment law.
  2. Also, the solicitor you hire should have a significant number of year’s experience
  3. He should’ve worked for multiple firms that will highlight his capability
  4. In case you are hiring randomly, make sure to check his relevant and recent works and check his qualifications as well
  • Important Facts To Know

Getting early advice is very crucial. Longer you take to react, less will be the options you will have. You should get advice at the earliest opportunity. It is not hard to find employment law solicitors for employers. You can easily find them in your locality but remember to do good research before hiring a solicitor.

Once you explain your case briefly, the solicitor will explain to you the options. He will let you know whether your case is legal or not. He will make sure if your case is fair enough to be presented at the employment tribunal. So, act accordingly.