Get To Know More About Flower Wall Hire

  • History of Flowers and Decoration

Flowers have never failed to impress human beings, whether its joy or sorrow, flowers have always remained an important part of celebrations and adorned decoration in every possible way.

With its pleasant fragrance, breathtaking colors, and its suitable combination with green leaves and stem, the flower has been an integral part of human civilization, and it continues to enjoy given popularity. The very reason that it is short-lived has never deterred human and even animals to cherish its presence in our lives.

  • The emergence of flower Wall

Style and usage of flowers in celebrations and events have seen manifold changes in the past few decades. All thanks to innovation and curiosity, which has pavedthe way to more and more stylish and trending ideas for flower decoration. There is a great possibility that anyone visiting wedding ceremonies these days will get awestruck by flower walls.

And we really can’t blame visitors; it is indeed one the trending style statement in events and celebrations across nations.Flower Wall simply refers to the vertical arrangement of fixing of flowers on a standing wall. While the size and dimension of the wall may vary, the essential principle of decoration remains the same.

  • Different styles of Flower Wall

One may choose real flowers or artificial flowers, keeping in mind host expectation and budget at hand. While Real flowers may seem quite expensive, artificial flowers are slightly reasonable.Further, there is a lot of variation in the density of flower affixed on a standing wall. One may choose high density or high quantity of flowers, while others may opt for a simple wreath or few flowers. Flowers are often accompanied with lush green leaves or blooms to add contrast colors on walls.

Event Host planning for Flower Wall hire can even choose between a mix of more than two flowers to add more glamour and beauty to decoration. An optimum mix of twisty twigs, vines, buds, blooms, and flowers is also considered splendid by a major segment of the audience and visitors. Decorators have also come out with the idea of attaching few vases with live plants on the wall, which has an aura of its own.

Phew, there is no end to this list of designs for flower walls which have been continuously changing and evolving. Design and pattern which has rocked and been appreciated yesterday becomes stale and boring today and is replaced with a new design.

A mere mention of ‘Flower Wall hire’ will gives hirer plenty of options. What goes as a task is to choose one amongst many. While going for this decision, users must verify testimonials and feedback which is available on their official websites. It’s a good idea to check historical images to get an idea of their quality and deliverables.

Further, once the discussion has been finalized, it’s recommended to enter into a formal agreement or contract, where important terms and conditions are documented. Price, Charges, Delivery, no. of flowers, etc. are some of the vital parameters which should not be left open for discussion at a later stage. Team size also plays a major role while hiring flower wall decorator as it is by no means a single man job and requires a decent size for meeting logistics.