4 Posing Tips For Amazing Senior Photography

Photographing high school students is an essential part of any photographer’s career. Teenagers begin to explore who they are after high school graduation – stepping onto the next stage of their lives! Thus, this very moment is unique and what better way to make them last the course of time than photographs!

With seniors, taking photos is not the only important thing as senior photography Indianapolis calls for much more, including capturing their personality and lifestyle. With that said, posing is an integral part of the mix, and it certainly makes a difference! Read on to find out how!

1- Sitting Poses

You should always start with sitting poses before anything. Sitting helps the seniors relax a bit and get to their natural state before you move on to advanced poses.

Try to look around and find natural objects like stone steps or old rail tracks for them to sit on. Click some shots quickly and show them; this should do well to boost their confidence a bit more. Once they get along with your setting well, move on to the next techniques.

2- Standing Poses

It is a good idea to place your subject in standing positions next. You may try to take a shot with a serious face. But if the primary purpose is getting a photo for the yearbook or the living room wall, smiling would be a better choice!

Just ask them to have a fake smile – the awkwardness it invites shall automatically make them laugh for real. Works every time! Also, if your senior photography Indianapolis subject is a girl, have her twirl her long skirt a bit!

3- Action or Candid shots

Wonder what capturing them in action might look like? Why not try it out? Walking along the beach, catching the balls are all examples of simple activities when seniors would be having fun! This is when you make your senior photography Indianapolis genuinely shine. You get to capture the true joy of your subjects.

4- Over the shoulder

Shoulders shot always bring up that particular ‘fashionista’ trait of a senior. It shifts the viewer’s focus to the delicate eyelashes and eyes.

You would usually start with some serious-face shots first, before moving on to making them lean and laugh a little. The goal of shoulder shots is to bring up the teen’s attitude and ‘powerIndianapolis

Try to experiment with the eyes or shoulders bit; you will be amazed to find out how many mesmerizing shots you can click from the same pose.

  • Some more tips before closing off

Last but not least, you should always include group photos on the list. Those are a great way to capture their friendship and spirits. Some noteworthy things here would always be to make sure that you have them touch each other in some way. This shows cohesiveness and connected.

Next would be pet shots. Seniors love their pets, no denying that! Have them play with their dogs, and the cuteness will be too much for one picture!